The offer is valid only for new applications hair extensions SOCAP ORIGINAL who take place only in our company until  January 31 

Presenting you our new collaboration with SOCAP ORIGINAL  products , our company offers you a unique discount for all new hair extensions applications with micro rings until January 31 2018 and only at our company base in Athens !!!

SO.CAP ORIGINAL hair extensions , the offer is valid only for new applications until January 31

Offer is valid for minimum quantity of 100 pcs (100% natural human hair remy , 50/55cm length ) with total cost 250,00€ / 100pcs* or ή 2,5€ / pcs*

Following the necessary instructions for use, re-place the same hair extensions after 5 months at minimum cost and without purchasing any new hair extensions.


So, taking into account the initial placement costs along with the minimal repositioning costs, the financial and not only interest is great!




Press her for further details , applications photos with revolutionary method of microrings hair extensions!!



The placement of hair extensions will be done exclusively with the innovative method of micro rings at our company base in Athens!

The price is for limited time and applications!

Valid only for 100% natural human hair by SO.CAP ORIGINAL and 50 / 55cm length in any available colors of the series.


Our company offers you a variety of colors and quality hair extensions and application with the innovative method that does not destroy the natural hair!


*Prices not include VAT

For any further clarification regarding my revolutionary placement method  of micro rings, please feel free and contact me at +302110121825 or via mail