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Christos Costarellos bridal shoot

Ο θαυμασμός μας για τη φωτογράφηση με τα Christos Costarellos νυφικά που έγινε στο Ξενοδοχείο Grande Bretagne δεν περιγράφεται! Η καταπληκτική φωτογράφηση είχε έμπνευση από το πολυτελές σκηνικό του ξενοδοχείου που προσφέρει μία ασύγκριτη προοπτική της...

Elegant Magazine . Kamila in summer melancholy…

My services decorate the cover of the American fashion magazine Elegant Magazine ... We had the pleasure of working with Kamila (at D MODELS) and professional photographer Peny Giannakou in a stunning photography concept. The team of photography captured the concept's mood and as a result a unique editorial was created and selected for publication by the leading American fashion magazine Elegant Magazine. Clothing and jewelery was chosen and...

Nyfi magazine

Hair styling servises for editoriar in Nyfi magazine, a Greeg wedding magazine. The whole concept photo shooting made for an editorial in NYFI magazine. Photo / Edit: Anagnostopoulos Paris Model: Kelsey (ACE MODELS) Hair styling : Politou Vasia   ...